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  • This is really cool and lots of fun (baritone having problems or not)). Would it be possible to see a schematic? It looked like something that achieves the goals of our little Halloween show: a little scary, very imaginative, and a little silly. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love this idea a ton. But, it would be a humongous help it under the description (AND the features - or at least one of the two) you put the size of the JST connectors that folks need and how many. are needed. You could put a link there to the product. This is important because some other EL providers (A-hem) use a different JST connector. About 6 months ago I bought some EL wire from someplace not to be named and then I saw both your Sequencer and the Escudo. I thought, "hey, I can just plug those EL wires in to the sequencer or escudo." No, I can't. They're not the same size. But, there's no way to know that from the description or features.

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