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  • “I’m serious, this is exactly what we built the last time the NRA came to us with a request to "break the internet” when FOX news was holding an online opinion poll about weather middle school kids should be allowed to carry fully automatic assault rifles to school for personal protection in case a deer,cat, dog or bird attacks them. Jim is dancing because when he used the wireless microphone to the speakers from the other room, one of the NRA officials stood up and asked “Is that you god??”,,and Jim just said “No,,I am not the one you call God,,,ummm,,I’m his cousin,,the internet” and that seemed to quiet them down. They wanted their $100 back after,,,even on Fox,,,the pollsters were against Machine guns for kids,,but only because there would be less for adults. TRUE STORY LARRY! (then Mark laughs while dancing,,saying) Duuuuude,,this time I’m gonna say I ‘am" God on the speakers and ask them to melt their guns into farm tools!!,hehehehe Then Jeff says) DONT YOU DARE MARK!! Thats how wars are started,,or in this case,,8 mph car chases.

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