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  • You shouldn’t apologize for asking reasonable questions. You have, however, run afoul of the Sparkfun Fanboy Club.

    SparkFun is a wonderful company, but not every glittery thing they offer is gold. The “open source” hardware credo, while admirable, sometimes leave the customer as beta tester, and some of their Chinese imports are certainly lacking in quality.

    That said, I am a regular customer and eagerly await my Sparkfun gift codes this Christmas!

  • For this chip to have the “featured” 232 user IO & 92 diff. pairs implies the 320 BGA package (at least according to the datasheet provided). The pictures clearly show a fine-pitch PQG package.

  • Well, I take it all back. It is the antenna. But not in the way that ZedLep describes. I actually got
    +SIND: 11 a couple times, but it was only
    after removing the antenna and the coupling. Re-fastening the coupling/antenna immediate resulting in +SIND:8 or +SIND:7.

  • I too am having the +SIND: 8 issue. The antenna connection is not the issue. Can anyone from SparkFun comment on this? Thanks.

  • Why is the SC16IS750 interrupt connected to Digital 7, instead of D2 or D3, which are the CPU external interrupt pins?

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