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john luke

Member Since: October 3, 2008

Country: United States

  • Have been considering a similar project but was planning on using a pure copper plate with thermocouple( s ?) attached in the fry pan. Thoughts ?

  • I appreciate your comments about the audiophile scams. My favourite was the $10,00 solid silver USB cable that apparently improves the musicality of digital sound.

  • Or if you want really good valve sound you could just buy a pair of old Quad IIs. I believe Quad have started manufacturing them again in China with modern connectors. Only 15W from a pair of KT66s (Class A ?) so you need efficient speakers. Goes nicely with a pair of Tannoy monitor Golds.

  • I bought one of these in the hope that a ceramic blade would be super sharp. In practice though the blades seem quite dull. Not sharp enough to cut open the pack of replacement blades. I had to fall back to my trusty $2 snap off blade box cutter which was much sharper. So for me steel is sharper.

    Will have to buy some steel blades to make uses of this expensive device. I regret buying the replacement blades which seem no sharper.

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