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  • Pretty sure this is what their talking about https://www.adafruit.com/product/4823

  • The breakout board link is wrong. It goes to a mislabeled board here https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9110#comment-5ea0f768106467363a1e42a3 instead of the proper (but also mislabeled!) breakout board here https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10467#comment-5ea0f6d06490e66ab8020653

  • You're not joking about that documentation! It's pretty nice, just make sure to read it twice!

  • Well this is turning into a disaster! 2 weeks and still NOTHING!?!? Why did you wait until after it was over to start boxing? That makes no sense whatsoever! It's all about weight. You could have pre boxed everything and had stuff leftover for the next one or just filled more boxes. Either way there wouldn't be a three weeks and still on new order. This is getting RIDICULOUS! Very disappointed in the planning!

  • Yay! Third year's a charm! Finally got one.

  • Carbide3D

    Unless Carbide3d is claiming to be an open source company, this is really a non issue. Many open souce companies have used non open source products: arduino.cc, adafruit, sparkfun, and the open source companies that choose to include a raspberry pi (too many to list). I wish there was a fully open mill built on open hardware (I may have to design one), but until there is one a partially open mill, is a pretty good choice.

  • Their going to stop, because people complain that they DIDN'T get to buy something? That makes no sense. If that many people like it they know people will be upset and want to vent their frustration. That's just human nature. If anything, they will try to improve something this popular, not discontinue it!

  • I'm sorry, but that response is a complete bunk! You have a website, NOT a store! I would absolutely agree if it was a physical store people actually had to come to, but it's not. This a failure of your website development team. There is no reason a program couldn't have handled a timed sale! You had a year to prepare. Any order placed after 9 could have easily been filled in the morning, leaving you with more sales and happy customers! Honestly, I would have been happier with " We really appreciate your feedback and hope to make all future sales even better "!

  • WTH! How do you have a cyber Monday sale that ends on Monday before 9pm! So people just getting home are out of luck. What a joke! Would the 3 extra hours really hurt your business? Probably not, but I'm sure you pissed a few potential customers off!

  • I wish Sparkfun would make a tutorial for this already! Tutorials are the one thing that your site is sorely lacking, especially when compared to Adafruit. Step your game up!

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