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  • WTH! How do you have a cyber Monday sale that ends on Monday before 9pm! So people just getting home are out of luck. What a joke! Would the 3 extra hours really hurt your business? Probably not, but I’m sure you pissed a few potential customers off!

  • I wish Sparkfun would make a tutorial for this already! Tutorials are the one thing that your site is sorely lacking, especially when compared to Adafruit. Step your game up!

  • Sounds like you have the wrong mode selected, it should be in PC for the commander and in SW for Arduino IDE. Check out page 22 of the user manual.

  • A mic, but no speaker.

  • depends on if it’s a word that comes preprogrammed or one you train. the ones you train are more specific to your voice.

  • Is this ever going to happen again?

  • Hopefully they are making a digital version.

  • There are several people on Intel’s forum with this same problem from this guide, I’m very surprised you can’t replicate the issue. The install process completely finished on mine it restarted twice and I even left it plugged in over night (just cause I’m lazy and feel asleep with it plugged in), that’s why I think windows 8 corrupted it. It was definitely the kernel being corrupted.

  • It showed up as a uart FTDI connection, When at the “ Ready to receive application ” running the run do-flash command but rescue mode was corrupted do to the corrupt kernel (which has something to do with windows 8 or the Lenovo, I think windows antivirus or firewall blocked or hung up something corrupting it) I had to use xfst and change the device id in the flashall.sh file, while quickly hitting the reset button, just to fix recovery mode or rescue mode which ever it is. I had to spend $30 to get a hard drive to run linux on since xfst only works on 32bit linux (not happy about that at all). Once it was fixed it allowed the flashall.sh in the terminal. It is impossible to fix with windows.

  • I tried using the instructions as they are written. The part about walking a for a few minutes was my error! Why would you recommend for people to walk away , when they return there is no way to know if it finished! i waited till the next morning to unplug it. I still think it was a bad idea to post this when there is no way to know when its done and no way to cancel it or reflash to stock. After going to Intel’s forum, I’m not the only one this happened to and there is no fix as of yet. p.s. its a Lenovo ultrabook, running windows 8

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