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  • Did the SPI multiplexing trick really gain anything? You have four data streams, but each is active only 50% of the time. You could have gotten the same throughput with two longer LED strings and no multiplexing, unless I'm missing something.

    Also, don't forget that the Teensy 3.6 has THREE SPI peripherals, not two. The third is broken out on the board's underside.

  • Is data.sparkfun.com alive or dead? It has been in limbo for two years. If it is dead, Sparkfun needs to publicly announce its end of life. If it is alive, Sparkfun needs to publicly announce when and how it will be brought back to full functionality. You owe that much to your customers.

    Please make the decision and follow up on it. Thank you.

  • Great series, thanks!

    Please do write a followup in three months and tell us what you've changed and what you wish you'd done differently.

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