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  • Master Ken demonstrates the paralyzing left elbow strike in his class the Art of the Deadly Chicken.

  • He's trying to say what's the point of having Sparkfun when you can buy these exact same caliper for cheaper on ebay (I bought mine for $10 USD, looks like he got his for $7, but that was 2 years ago). He's also saying that Sparkfun and Adafruit are already making a lot of money, yet they still want to double in revenue (where do they get that revenue? Well from increasing price of course!). His line about "boys who come to you with the idea they can trust on you" means a lot of the hobbyist come thinking these guys are trustworthy (e.g. offering the best product for the best price) yet what they really do is just resell you Chinese products for a higher price. Not saying Chinese products are not good (I'm Chinese btw), but because they were made cheap, and Sparkfun bought them cheap, they should at least sell it to us for a more reasonable price (If I can buy mine for $10, and they're selling for $15 that's 50% increase in price, and they probably buy for less than $10 per caliper since they buy in bulks).

    I have no idea what he said about linux and the last couple of lines.

    I'm only translating because in part I agree with him (and because I'm Chinese so understand the poster's Chinglish ;D). But then again that's what all resellers do, and I think Sparkfun and Adafruit are here for children and hobbyist who doesn't have all that time to try to find all these products on ebay and dealing with 4 week+ wait for shipping. Also you'll never get scammed by Sparkfun or Adafruit (e.g. products not being delivered) whereas on ebay you can, and then have to deal with a bunch of crap to try to get your money back. Occasionally, Sparkfun does sell stuff for cheaper than you can find on ebay (e.g. Actobotic Skate Wheels) or at least if they're the same price as competitors (e.g. Actobotic products), at least Sparkfun gives you free shipping whereas others (e.g. Robotshop, ServoCity) does not.

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