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  • Not mentioned in the description (but is in the datasheet) this requires ~5V for logic and ~35V to drive the segments, SFE may want to add this bit of info to the product description.
    The display has two independent drivers, one for each line, so to fully use both lines of the display you would need two of the matching connectors (PRT-10151). Just speculation but with each line having its own driver you could, in theory, have two different devices each have its own line to work with.
    As bbotany suggests you may be able to use the display as White Background+Black Segments or Black Background+White Segments, page 22 of the datasheet shows this but is not clear about it at all. Unless SFE can confirm I don't think that will be answered until people receive their displays and start messing around with them.
    Overall, looks interesting.
    1) Display requires ~5V for logic AND ~35V for segments.
    2) Yes you need 2 connectors to fully use display, see above.

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