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  • Hi, sorry to point it out like that, but it seems quite expensive compared to some other prices on the internet, now I love SparkFun, and I know you always try to keep margin at a minimum, so I think I may be missing some extras you add in the package compared to the regular ones we can find ?

    Or maybe you just forgot to update your price along the line ;)

  • Hmmm

    As a crazy geek, stumbling across this product I just said to myself ... Would it be cool to buy 64800 of those and actually make a 1080p LED TV ... lol

    It would just be 33.75 meters (110 ft) wide and 60 meters (196.85 ft) and draw a current of 36000 Amps on 5V when fully bright white ... Hmm energy star might not like it though ...

    Yes, it's just another afternoon at work and I've got nothing else to do. BTW I accept donation to start collecting the 2,330,208$ to buy the strips, so come on people be cool ! :)

    Hmm, maybe we can even get a discount ...

    (I'm voluntarilly ignoring controller issues, as with 2M$ of strips, I'm sure I will find some relatively CHEAP option to go with it).

  • Hi guys, this heatsink just looks awesome for people needing beefy multi transistor cooling in their projects like the Ethanol fuel home made conversion kit I'm thinking of building ...

    Would you by any chance have any plans / means to sell them separately ?

  • Hehe remember your basic electronic lessons ? If you connect minuses and pluses together (as in parallel wiring), you have the exact same voltage for all your packs, so no balancing problems there.

    Balancing issues are only relevant for serially wired cells, which is what you will probably have inside each 7.2V packs, but at this voltage I assume you're talking about Ni based chemistry and no balancing issues there to be concerned with either.

    So to sum things up, you don't have to charge the packs separately ;)

  • Hey Nate, great attempt, actually, are you sure the '?' character is really a question mark and not an undisplayable ASCII char ? (I can't figure it out from the waveform). And is it constant no matter what distance you're measuring ?

  • Hey, just giving my 2 cents here, but I think the best way to interface this to a ?c is by using one of the ready made ESC you can find listed on this page.
    And using one of the PWM from yout ?c to send a servo like PWM control to the ESC.
    Good luck guys ;)

  • Hi, I just received one of these modules yesterday and am unable to receive anything. (434MHz model)
    I connect the 2x +5V, 2x GND of the receiver on a breadboard, a 20cm wire as an antenna, and try to monitor activity on pin 2 (data pin) and pin 3 (Test) using a MSO19 USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (sold on SparkFun).
    Here, I expected to get some garbage from surrounding RFI, but I have a flat 0 using the oscilloscope function and with the logic analyzer portion, sometimes I got 1 sometimes 0, but it never changes, like if the output was "tristated" or "floating".
    I then tried to use an old project to send some data (it uses the TX that matches with this receiver), and I know this project works as it sends X10 RF code, and light my living room halogen up.
    Then again, nothing on the receiver data pins.
    Shall I assume that the RX module is defective, did you have problems with them recently ?
    Thanks in advance.

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