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  • 10' (feet) or 10" (inches)?

  • Even though Rex was supposed to be a carnivore, he preferred eating lily pads.

  • Looks like this is in stock now. Did the HMC5843 get replaced with the HMC5883? If so, please update the description, schematic, Eagle files, (photos ?) and the datasheets.

  • Sparkfun is the modern equivalent of Heathkit. Or it is the company Heathkit should have evolved into if it wasn’t stuck on selling vacuum tubes. Note: This explanation is only useful for old codgers like me that are half a century old. Plus or minus. :-)
    Seriously, Sparkfun makes high tech design projects easier, simpler and faster to get done. “Shortcuts” summarizes it nicely.

  • Now that’s funny! I was in a meeting with my laptop so I kept refreshing and finally got 2 questions ($20) before it was pencils down. Oh well, at least it will pay for the shipping and part of my first order.
    Thank you Sparkfun! Ignore the dorks that are upset. You told them it would be a lottery on how had the luckiest (not fastest) internet connection.

  • What sensors are used on this board? It would be nice to see graphs for just before lift-off to just after parachute ejection. ie, zoom in on the interesting part.
    Edit: Nevermind, it’s in the gnuplot script. HMC5343 Magnetometer; ADXL345 Accelerometer; ITG3200 Gyro
    If the price is right, I’ll be buying one of these.
    Edit 2: Now we just need one of these with a SCP1000-D01 Barometric Pressure Sensor added.

  • This is great news! As a fan of professional cycling, I’m glad to hear that Lance Armstrong’s team will now be called “The Sparkfun”.

  • Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the connectors to come in before I ordered this. But the description now says “Note: Unit does not come with the cable in the photo.” OK - so now the connector is worthless??? :-(
    Dear SparkFun. I want to use this module in a project I am designing. It needs to have a reliable, robust, non-hack method of connection.

  • So how about it SFE? Any guess as to when you will have the mating connector available -or- give a link where I can buy 10 or less of them?
    I have a project I’m working on that needs one of these GPS modules.

  • The data sheet lists the module connector as “Panasonic AXK6F10547YG”. From the photos, it looks like the cable has the same connectors on both ends, so a user’s board needs the same exact connector as the GPS module has. But I don’t know…
    As soon as a source is identified for the mating connector, I will immediately order one or two of these.
    Thank you Spark Fun for starting to get uBlox GPS modules! At least the data sheets make them look like the best modules on the market.

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