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  • Is it possible to purchase one of these boards without an OLED with it?

  • Has anyone actually lit one up? This pinout diagram in the sheet doesn't say which pads go to which lights, and I'm wondering if pads on both sides are for some LEDs on the front. Also it doesn't give the pinout for the backside of the pads. I'm thinking about buys a bunch of these to make a very large LED display (think almost wall size) and I'd like to know what I'm getting into.

  • So when are those breakout boards for the touch screen connectors going to come? (hate to nag, but it's a tad hard to solder for those of us who do more software than soldering.

  • Can we look forward to getting breakout boards for connectors like these? I'd like to see a variety someday in the connectors category.

  • Does anybody know If the front part is removable, so that you could see through the displays? I kind of want to take Quazar's idea further, and show CG objects in real life, so that it's like being in a game. Anyway, has anybody hacked these for thru-sight and stereo vision?
    (I'm with Arachnivore on this one)

  • Does anybody know where I can find a pin diagram for this? I've found a couple PDFs online, but none that I can read without getting a language pack, that my computer seems to find incompatible.