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  • Thanks a million for this, it’s the best tutorial on the subject that I’ve been able to find.
    I must say, tho, that time and time again everybody in the Eagle world warns against the sharing of libraries, and insists that hoarding your own is the only safe bet. Then in the same breath, they explain that you’re going to waste a huge amount of time and money screwing up your own libraries until you learn to get it right.
    This is dumb. Sharing is good! Why should everybody need to reinvent their wheels? A reliable, trustworthy open-source repository of Eagle libraries, guaranteed to some specification of quality, would be of immense benefit to every single user of this software. It really obviously needs to exist, and yet I can’t find it. Am I missing something obvious? Why is nobody doing this? It’s madness. Nobody in the software engineering world would tolerate such a vacuum around such a crucial toolset.
    SparkFun is in a good position to spearhead such a project. You already distribute a good library. How many people do you think are using it?

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