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  • The device is still useful after you solve the puzzle, but you aren't supposed to be able to run your own code on it. I managed to do so anyway, and I put a guide here: (minor spoilers)

  • Heads up: even after I figured out the correct solutions, there were a couple of times when I needed a lot of trial and error to get the device to actually accept them. In particular, I tried several variations of the correct solution in the "red phase" before I got it to work. So if you think your solution is obviously correct, but it still doesn't work, you may have to try it multiple times.

    I also had trouble when I needed to add a file to the SD card. For some reason, the device didn't recognize the new file until I tried deleting everything on the SD card first (after making backup copies!), and then adding the file.

  • That's a spoiler; you aren't supposed to access that page directly. It's a bit sloppy on SparkFun's part to show that page in search results.

  • Ah, the logo was silently removed.

  • Huh, the minimum price changed from $50 to $33 and back. 42 left in stock...

  • How is this leaded solder RoHS-compliant? Does it contain lead? Do I need a soldering iron that reaches nuclear fusion temperatures to create the lead?

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