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  • Love the series as always Shawn. Great timer interrupts example. Question. Is there a good way to just make a simple blocking delay without using a timer interrupt or a timers at all? Say I just want to have 1,000,000 nop (no operation) instructions run to kill 0.0625 seconds. Is there a way to do that without timers at all? I assumed that was how the Arduino delay() function worked, but I was surprised to learn that is not the case in this video. Is there a simple way to do lots of nop commands? Thanks!

  • Thanks Shawn. To me, the main value of this series is for education. It helps to bridge the gap between the hobbyist community and the skills we need to teach students for industry. We need to show how microcontrollers work beyond the Arduino library so that students can go into industry using a wide variety of microcontroller families. Love the work you are doing!

    BTW it would also be nice to show how to use the pin change interrupts in addition to the 2 external interrupts. With a bit of code you can effectively make an interrupt on every pin using the pin change interrupts. I've use this Arduino library for that in the past https://github.com/GreyGnome/EnableInterrupt I only mention it because with student projects they regularly like using more than just 2 pins as interrupts.

  • Could you add some links to your recommended SSD options? A 1 TB option and a smaller cheaper option. Thanks

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