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  • Can I read raw analog outputs from it as with plain accelerometer breakouts or do I need to talk to it over serial? I'm aiming to keep the cost down on a portable device and would rather avoid having to include a serial board of some kind.

  • That's excellent - since I can read from the accelerometer, this will do everything I need.

  • Is there a way to tap into the accelerometer outputs (the ADXL362 looks like a 3-axis sensor) once the Arduino is awake? I'm building a battery-powered device that also has an accelerometer to detect orientation that could benefit from having a Wake and Shake for power management, and it'd be sweet if I could do away with the other sensor.

    Or - is it possible to program the WaS so that it only wakes the unit up when a certain orientation is detected? That might also work in my project.

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