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  • A world that did not allow patent trolls like Myrvold to exist would be a better place. Patents don't seem important or necessary until someone goes after you for patent infringement.
    That said, it seems reasonable that someone who invents a novel product and actually takes it into production might be afforded some kind of protection. There should be a rational middle ground, but it's not found in the current system.

  • I just got this from Locosys. It would be nice to see the complete manual from which this info was extracted, but at least this is a starting point ...

    Packet Type: 390 PMTK_API_SET_USER_OPTION
    Packet Meaning:
    Write the user setting to the flash to override the default setting. Maximum 8 times without erase the chip.
    PMTK390, Lock, Update_Rate, Baud_Rate, GLL_Period, RMC_Period, VTG_Period, GSA_Period, GSV_Period, GGA_Period, ZDA_Period, MCHN_Period, Datum, DGPS_Mode, RTCM_Baud_Rate
    Lock: nonzero: freeze the setting; 0: allow further setting
    Update_Rate: 1~5 (Hz)
    Baud_Rate: 115200, 57600, 38400, 19200, 14400, 9600, 4800
    RTCM_Baud_Rate: 115200, 57600, 38400, 19200, 14400, 9600, 4800
    XXX_Period: NMEA sentence output period
    DGPS_Mode: 0 (disable), 1 (RTCM), 2 (SBAS)
    Datum: We support more than 200 datum. Please refer to Appendix A for the supported datum list. The typical value is: 0 (WGS84), 1 (Tokyo-M), 2 (Tokyo-A)

  • Jordi's example on DIYdrones shows $PTMK220 and $PTMK251 commands that aren't in the Etek document you referenced, though $PTMK314 is shown.

  • Is there a programmer reference or user manual that defines the $PMTK configuration strings for LS20031 ?

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