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  • reemrevnivek: <br />
    From the picture, it looks like it’s been dunked in epoxy. Is that true?<br />
    I’m wondering if I can cut and/or solder through that shiny crud that’s covering the PCB […].
    <br />
    <br /><br />
    <br />
    From my experience, you can use an x-acto knife to scrape away the conformal coating in the same way you’d remove solder mask to get to the copper layer. <br />
    <br />

  • Is there a MFG part number, or a datasheet for these? That would certainly make it easier for us to make the correct footprint.

  • That is the protection circuit. Typically you either need to release the load (just unplug the battery) or charge the battery for a second to get it should let go.

  • buy a couple, drill some holes, let us know if they work? :D

  • i wrote a little sketch (arduino-0017) that fades the leds as you scroll up and down. see it at:
    works much better with the blue and red leds though… the green one is kind of weaksauce.

  • The data sheet Fig. 42 shows what the enable circuitry looks like internally. I would agree that it looks like it is fine to tie the on/off to Vin and turn it on.

  • got mine today. works great. super cool to be able to do usb with 2 i/o and 3 resistors.

  • Can we get part numbers or datasheets for the LEDS?

  • i think you can use the triac to drive lvdc stuff, however you’re better off with something different. if i had to pick from the sparkfun bin, you could use something like ROB-08903 or ROB-08905. or just a general switching component of your choice (mosfet, bjt, little relay, ect.)

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