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  • Guess this is too old and nobody is reading... I did a little more digging and determined that the chip is a current sink on the pwm out pins. It really only supports direct and simple operation with common anode RGB LEDs. So if you're trying to use this with RGB LEDs, do yourself a favor and go CA instead of CC!

  • I am a noob with a little arduino and a little pwm exprience. I wish to drive some RGB LEDs which have a common cathode. In looking at the basic use example for this breakout, it says to connect the anode to +5 and the cathode to the pwm outputs. I cannot do this with a common cathode LED, so will it work with the common cathode connected to the ground rail and then connecting the R, G, and B leads to the pwm outputs? I hope so! My plan is to hook up 5 of these using the first 15 channels to control the color and brightness of each independently. Am I on the right track?

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