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  • Anybody know the actual pad dimensions for us non-Eagle users? I don't have it yet but want to begin laying out a board, and I would rather not guess. Thanks.

  • Yes- that IS a horrible datasheet. Anybody also have any idea on the max current draw?

  • I ordered a bunch of these. It would be nice to get the pinout and lead diameter as well as the lead spacing so I can start laying out my board.


  • SOMEBODY made a mistake entering the Z-coordinate.

  • So it's settled- in the PC/Mac debate, the PC came out on top...

  • Owl I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

  • I would like to use one of these to detect something like paint on a steel cable, to detect the cable position when moving between pulleys (Virtual cable stops without putting 'bumps' on the cable).
    Is there some sort of liquid paint-like substance that I can purchase, which this thing will detect?

  • Forgot to add, the traces for the red and blue LEDs are pretty close to the hole, which necessitates insulating hardware.
    I like the board, but it would be cool if it was a little easier to mount.

  • I plan to mount it to a piece of aluminum, which has a pocket cut out of the rear (so it will mount flush on the front). The way the holes are, it is difficult (but not impossible) to specify the pocket dimensions. I would like to see either a) the holes lined up with the trackball, or b) the components which currently reside in the space between the holes moved, so that the board can be screwed to the flat metal surface.
    Alternatively, placing the holes on an area of extra board with no copper (extending the board material by .250" on each end) would work, too.
    Not a criticism- I like it and plan to buy more.

  • I repair boom/bucket trucks. About 4-5 years ago, I was called to a site, and the guy had the truck situated exactly as you did in the photo, perpendicular to the wall. The problem was, that while he was up there, the truck started on fire under the hood, right below him. It was a bad fire, which caused the truck to quit running, meaning that he couldn't swing away from the wall, or lower the boom with the emergency lowering. Seeing your photo made my mind snap back to that day- he came really really close to dying, between the choking smoke and the fire. He had no choice but to jump, and he got hurt real bad.
    The fact that your guy was hanging a flame struck me as kind of ironic.
    Not trying to be a schmuck, just sayin'...

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