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  • Any advice on resetting the lis302dl? There are time when I'm using it with my arduino that I reset the arduino and afterwards it cannot communicate w/ the lis302dl. I have to powercycle the lis302dl.
    I suspect a communication was happening between the arduino and lis302dl over i2c and was interrupted which left the lis302dl in a state waiting for the arduino to complete the communication...but it never will.
    So I'm wondering what would be a good way to reset the lis302dl leveraging the reset pin on the arduino.
    Any ideas?

  • The example table in the breakout schematic has a column LV. This leads the reads to believe that LV has some affect on the Max output. It doesn't. Its not even connected to the circuit. I recommend removing that column for clarity.

  • While I am a novice, I am learning & appreciate feedback if what I am writing is incorrect.
    1. The Tx lines are bidirectional. HUGE selling point & important for people using protocols like I2C. The Rx lines are unidirectional; only 5 to 3.3v
    2. The Rx lines are not designed well for two reasons:
    a) The resistors to generate a 3.3v output low side should be 10k R1 and ~20k R2. As is, the two 10k resistors split the voltage 50% resulting in approx 2.5v low side. This is outside the acceptable window for many 3.3v part like the LIS302DL sold on this site.
    b) The two grounds on the breakout are common to each other. If the two ground were NOT common, then a user likely myself could be another resistor in series with the R2 on the breakout to adjust the low output voltage on each channel. Since however, they are common this is not easily possible because now current can flow between channels between the internal R2 and an external R2 in series.
    I recommend posting portions of all the above for the benefit of your customers. And consider 2 for a future rev of the breakout.

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