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  • Can I operate this servo with 5 VDC? I see some servos operating in the 6-7 VDC range, but my power supply is 5VDC. I don't want to design something that's bound to fail. Thanks!

  • Love this offering, especially with the three terminal output. How do I tell which is the zener and which is the flyback diode? I'm assuming the smaller one is the 1N4148.

  • Can you fix the link to the Parts Wishlist?

  • The Parts Wishlist link is bogus. Can you please provide a valid parts list link for this? I can see some of the parts to the right, but not all. More specifically, what LED is recommended and what wattage for the 2 1K and 1 10K resistors? I think I'm fine otherwise. Thanks!

  • I'm very pleased with the Electric Imp! The biggest challenge was getting acquainted with Squirrel due to limited documentation, tutorials, etc. However, it didn't take that long and I'm now quite comfortable, but still learning. I haven't found a better platform for quickly developing a production ready IOT data collection tool, especially at this price point. We're pushing data from several sites to GroveStreams (similar to Xively) and have found the imp platform to be very reliable and scalable. I read some of the less-than-positive opinions below and thought I'd weigh in with my very positive personal experience. FWIW.

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