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  • Hey! Question: What's the biggest micro sd card that the lilypad mp3 can take? 32 gb? 16? 8? I looked around, but couldn't find any questions regarding this, or in the user guide.

    I really am looking forward to using this device, as I wish to have this to where I can make a velcro patch-on to fabric clothes and plush animals for on the go listening to music, or while i'm on the jumping stilts. Thanks!

  • I've watched some of adafruit's ask and watch videos on friday for their wearable electronic (such as flora), and they said that it's not too much to worry about, given that you hand wash it, and MAKE SURE that the battery is not in place in the clothing/wearable, and let it dry. it should also be most likely used in clothing that is suitable to washing by hand, not clothing that you'd wear on an everyday setting like a t-shirt. so when you are to put a wearable on, be prepared to wash it by hand when necessary. you could probably find videos on youtube about them too. hope this helps!

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