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  • A little disappointing straight out of the box...the incredibly long response time, using the included Arduino sketch, makes the sensor basically useless.

    I have a small chunk of uranium ore to use for testing radiation detectors. It takes this sensor ~2.5 minutes to respond to the ore, slowly coming up from (about) the 3 cpm background to 600 cpm ore count. Likewise, when the sample is removed, it takes another 2.5 minutes to settle back to the background 3 cpm. I'm thinking the included sketch needs some work...

    Also, the companion Windows C# program, PokegaMonitor, is limited. It only allows communications on serial COM1 through COM9. You'll have to edit and recompile the code to get it to work at other ports above COM9, like mine at COM11. Even at that, it has a very limited range - the ore sample sends it off the chart.

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