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  • I’m a scientist with modest electronics skills (translation: zip for programming). I’ve suspended using the UART functions for interfacing my MaxSonar, for reasons below, but finally have the analog working fairly well. My questions are: 1) The datasheet says the frequency for ADC will go down to 1, but I can’t get it to accept data with a frequency less than 10, i.e., anything less gives empty files. This will make unacceptably large datasets for my purposes. 2) I, like other posts, would like to add a time stamp or event mark at 1 minute intervals. This sounds like firmware fiddling. 3) If I were to revert back to UART logging, how do you set the data rate (which also sounds like scary firmware stuff)?
    Any help from the Ubergeek community will stop me from further baying at the moon. Thanks!

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