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  • Can we get a summary here of all the internet links shown on the livestream? Or in the youtube video description?

  • I know of the reason why yellow wasn’t allowed and you changed to grey. I just thought I saw a yellow one in the image in the mail this morning. Must have been my mind then filling in the yellow.

  • I swear I got a New Products notification email showing a yellow multimeter. Taking another look at it, it’s grey. Are you guys covering up a screw up or did my mind fill in the yellow?

  • Seems like a bargain if you need bulk. Only 2 mm shorter than PRT-10158, and you need to manually shift the plastic along the pins. Or is there some other difference that I am missing?

  • Is anybody else looking at that black Metawatch, and thinking:

    “Kitt! Come around the back of the building and pick me up.”

    “Yes Michael, I’ll be right there!”

  • Figuring out the current path in that resistor cube will make you feel like you are time traveling. But not to the past I’m afraid.

  • Sparkfun Product Development Team try to experience how to stacked Arduino shields mate to one another.

  • Diode drop to CE pin doesn’t work. The current is in the order of uA, so the voltage drop is much lower than 0,7. Even tried it with a yellow led to make it shut of around 2v. No workie. Neither did a simple voltage divider on Vin (1M+220k). The shutdown threshold was not sharp enough. Going to try to switch it with a true voltage detector.

  • pcduino_mechanic_bottom.pdf inside the Mechanical Drawings document is corrupt according to my Foxit Reader v4.3.0.1110

    [edit]Download from the PCduino site doesn’t work either.

  • Timezones is not the hard part, imho. Y'all should just switch over to the 24h system, instead of this am/pm nonsense. Or atleast start counting at 0 when the next day starts. Not at 12, going upto 12:59 and then all of a sudden from 1:00. Madness I say. ;)

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