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  • This one seems significantly different from other HC-SR04 modules. It seems to lack the 3rd chip, a MAX232-like chip (TTL to RS232 chargepump converter) to boost the transmitter voltage. Not sure if this means less performance though, since I’ve read that it could also be the source of internal ringing noise in the detection circuit. Could be interesting to test and compare.

  • Input! Input! Not enough input!!!

  • P.S. So where exactly are those signed drivers downloadable? I can’t find a link to them. The Redboard product page still links to the FDTI download site.

  • Is the link at the end of the TL;DR section at the top of the page correct? It leads to a Bluetooth tutorial, and has nothing about disabling driver security. Whereas it seems this one is more approriate:

  • You sure that signed driver image at the end is legit? Isn’t it called “SparkFun” without the space? ;)

  • SparkFun is taking steps to ensure that our user community is a safe space. That means we need to make a few changes.

    And then the irony of it that you forgot to renew the certificate. Shame on you. ;)

  • Can we get a summary here of all the internet links shown on the livestream? Or in the youtube video description?

  • I know of the reason why yellow wasn’t allowed and you changed to grey. I just thought I saw a yellow one in the image in the mail this morning. Must have been my mind then filling in the yellow.

  • I swear I got a New Products notification email showing a yellow multimeter. Taking another look at it, it’s grey. Are you guys covering up a screw up or did my mind fill in the yellow?

  • Seems like a bargain if you need bulk. Only 2 mm shorter than PRT-10158, and you need to manually shift the plastic along the pins. Or is there some other difference that I am missing?

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