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  • Correct; AFAICT the 3.6 is 3.3V, the 3.5 is 5V tolerant.

  • Is it stackable? E.g., are there positive detents to avoid slippage?

  • This is going to be great for prototyping; looking forward to giving it a spin.

  • Agreed; for prototyping this would be an excellent product.

  • Any issue(s) with burying these in soil?

  • Is there support for cross-fading between tracks?

  • I support SparkFun, but have been a Newegg customer for years, and have never had a problem or complaint. The one time I did have a problem, it wasn’t their problem, but they resolved it.

  • Opto would be nice, but from the picture, these are 10A/240VAC relays. That sounds like a web-enabled outlet to me, minus optic isolation. The description says otherwise, which is… confusing.

  • That’s great; thanks for pursuing this–mine was also for use in car/motorcycle.

  • I’m also interested in hackable firmware; I basically want a looping recorder that will stop looping on a button press, but continue recording up to the current position in the “loop” minus a pre-configured or entered time. E.g., if the “loop” was 15 minutes it would continuously record. If the button was pressed 10 minutes through and the offset was 5 minutes, it would continue to record until the first 5 minutes of the loop was re-reached.

    Not a good explanation. Basically “save from button_press_time - configured_save_length until out_of_space”, where “space” is a loop of either pre-configured size, or the size of the SD card.