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  • I couldnt find a reliable source on how much current each wire within the ribbon cable can carry. Im using one lead to send +5V to another board. And a second lead for ground. The other leads will transmit varying levels of voltage back to a mainboard via pots. If you could please tell me the current carry load of this ribbon cable that would be appreciated. Also, once calculated, could you please post the data with the part on the site for others?

    Thank you!

  • Thanks!

    Im wanting to use just two of the rotary switches for selecting up to 100 different voltages. The voltages would be sent to my Arduino. The sketch on the Arduino would have a list of samples to play based on the decade selection of 1 - 100. So I dont need much current. The voltages would be a max of 5V.

  • How would I go about setting this up to be a decade voltage box?

    I assume I need to set it up similarly to a voltage divider circuit then?

  • Nevermind. Found some here:

  • I am curious where I can pick up just the 1-pole 10-position rotary switches?

  • The datasheet doesnt show any dimensional information.

    What is the width of the square leads on the connector end?

  • I couldnt agree more. I think I am going to hold off on purchasing this item now.

    I was going to grab this board in lue of the fact that almost every other arduino board on this site is not being sold now. :(

    Thanks for your information.

  • How much longer do we have to wait for the awesome redboard to be available to us again? I need to make an order and its killing me! Thank you!

  • Would this shield make it possible to reprogram the arduino over the air?

  • Just received my Hakko and I love it! What a fantastic product! Thanks SparkFun!

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