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  • is there the Eagle files as usual? I'm confused with some boards having those files and some without? why's that?

  • newb question here! I'm starting to use Sparkfun open source designs and along with this wifi shield (and some others), I see that the Eagle Files need additional dev/pac/sym libraries in order to solve inconsistency in Eagle. So... does SF provide these libraries too? or the Eagle files here are just for reference?

    Thank you! PS: I'm learning electronics and Arduino & SF have been great companions so far :D

  • Hi! I'm just bought an UNO R3 and start playing with some MCU applications. At first, I want to start with creating some shields which would be handy. So, I begin my work with the Eagle files here i.e. deleting all the components and leaving the connectors intact However, the Eagle schematic and board files here are not consistent by default. Many components are from smartPrj.lib something that can't be referenced to. How should I fix this consistency error? or where to find that smartPrj.lib? I've done some Googling but none works. Thanks!

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