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  • $420? were the guys in the pricing department high? [Joke successfully deployed]

  • you could always get a step down converter PRT-00114

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  • How do you solder these things? the solder just keeps beading up and falling off, it's not sticking or anything, it's like two magnets repelling eachother.

    UPDATE: After reviewing a few videos, i realized my error and everything is now on nice and snug.

  • Thanks you.

  • Hello, I was again meandering the internet looking at stuff and decided to look at amplifier boards, then I found headphone amplifier boards, then I decided I may get a nice and cheap one for my phone which lacks output. Came up to spark fun and found this neat little guy, I'm wondering though, what is the low frequency cut off and the high frequency cut off? I know the high frequency cut off is 15.9khz if I'm ready that correctly, but I'm not sure the low frequency cut off, there being a capacitor at the input, I don't want the low frequency cut off to be any higher than 20hz. With that knowledge not available to me me, it makes me reluctant to buy this amp, would like to use as a simple headphone amplifier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • would like to use 20 of these to line the floor and seats of my car to make some form of security, given that when armed, if someone gets in to either take my car or something in my car, they'll have to get inside, and when they do, one is pressed and sets off the alarm. Combined with window shatter sensors and pressure switches, if they pick the lock and open the door, alarm. If they smash the window, alarm.

  • same here, haha

  • well it's only $4, i say go for it. I get into macbook pros quite easily by the way, i got a tiny compaq screwdriver if i could only find it. I inherited 3 macbook pros, all of which i repaired to working order, my dad and my younger brother are now one macbook richer as well as i, though i got the largest of the three, a 15 incher while the others got a 13.3 inch. I could not be happier, its old but its gold and i can't complain. This screw driver set would have made it easier though.

  • quite interesting, takes 3 volts up to 110 vac, is the 60hz? if so, you can drive a very very light weight thingy that runs on mains voltage, and get lots and lots of 3 volt batteries in parallel to make quite the inverter. how many amperages can that thing support? EDIT: Some quick research proves if i tried to use this to power say a box fan, it would prove fatal, well to the transformer atleast. 110 volts ac with a typical 2khz.

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