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  • Thanks for the preview. My aerial vehicle is under constuction and I'll be going for the balloons.

    Having the link to the balloons on amazon is a great help, it'll allow us competitors to tune the image recognition code ahead of the competition and it'll be important to get it very accurate because the balloons are really very small.

  • Will the balloons be replaced after I pop them? It'd be a shame if I pop them all on my first run and nobody else even gets a shot at them. :-)

  • Fantastic! I'll be there with my copter. I really like the balloon addition to the course!

  • The PulsedLight guys were good enough to send me one of their prototype sensors so I attached it to my ArduCopter and it's my copter that appears at the end of the above video.

    ArduCopter is open source of course, so if you're interested in seeing the source code to interface with the sensor you can find it here: .h and .cpp.

  • I'm really looking forward to it. Go crazy with the difficulty for VTOLs. We're up for any challenge. image recognition, object avoidance, inverted flight, follow the leader..whatever you want.

  • Ah, great costume! i thought that was a multicopter accident for a moment it looks so real!

  • I really enjoyed competing this year in the aerial competition. The quad pictured above is mine (Japan Drones). I put together a video mostly focusing on the quads. It can be found here

  • I'm really disappointed about the quad/heli rule because I was planning to bring my heli this year. I totally understand the safety concern but how about changing the venue, maybe put some pilons up in a field and hand-out those big red bats so people can ward them off if they get too close?

  • super awesome!
    There's a lot o' love expressed in that cake!

  • I used the inline resistor method and I've found that at least with one sensor (ADNS3080) and using an Arduino ATMeg1280, that the 10k resistors on the SCK and MOSI pins were too large. This sensor I was using apparently had internal pull-up resistors (also of 10k) and it meant that the arduino was unable to properly control the voltage. To fix the problem I had to use 1K resistors on SCK and MOSI pins and then it all worked great!