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  • Small Batch Assembly and Nova Labs will come say hi while you are in our neck of the woods.

  • Thanks, Nate, for helping to educate our law-makers in what our community regards as common sense. ..c

  • I used to live in HK also. Shenzen has come a long way since I was there. Sham Shui Po. Ha ! Loved that place. @Nate, hope you had a good time. Your pictures make me homesick. ..c

  • I trust the OSHW definition developers will touch upon manufacturing rights. It might be sufficient just say "The OSHW def does NOT address manufacturing rights.." This will be more reconciled with the reality that those OSHW manufacturers such as SFE and Adafruit do indeed make fair arrangements with the designers.
    SFE, Adafruit, and others, have established growing businesses where OSHW is just one small piece; Their businesses are about delivering little unfinished bits of electronics in chunks that are affordable and digestible for the educators, hobbyists, experimenters students, etc; There's a huge amount of work beyond just designing a one-off widget; The SFEs and Adafruits of the world add a great deal of value.

  • They are probably something bonafide that failed production, intercepted on their way to the trash, and then 'somehow' found their way to the imprinting machine..

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