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  • Can the SER_IN, L_CLOCK, CLOCK be plugged into any 3 pins?

  • Can two or more of these or the smaller ones be stacked on top of each other to increase brightness?

  • Why isn't there a picture with it hooked up to a light? If there is i cant tell which one it is.

  • Could you add a screenshot with it powered on and stuff on the screen please.

  • All hail the reel king of sparkfun, I am mighty and on fire!!

  • is there a P9 expansion connector ont e BB black? For connecting a SMD ADS1015 ADC to free up pins while a cape is connected. I want to use a LCD cape and have some PINS available for my project. (https://github.com/modmaker/BeBoPr/wiki/Better-Analog-Inputs) Is there a way to access the unused pins in the BB black?

  • For the shield that comes with the uLCD-32PTU, it breaks the 5V TX RX GND and RES separately. My question is if i didn't want to use the shield and wanted to connect the display directly would I need to add anything else since there looks to be two resistors and something else Q1.

  • Can the sensor read heart rate under the wrist?

  • For a final project. I need a board that is short so that i can put a GLCD on top of it without it being too tall/bulky. I'm debating on whether to make a self made PCB board with a Atmega chip and all the other components on one board or buy a red board and taking out the DC jack, female headers and USB port and putting the GLCD right on top it insulating the bottom so no shorts happen. Would this be a good idea? Would it be too inefficient? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Can the LCD be connect without the shield to a Arduino Uno? I ask because the project i have has a height restriction. I looked at the datasheet and it doesn’t say anything other then to connect it with the shield. Thank you for any replies.