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  • Some electronics are so sensitive that they have temperature limits. They'll usually say something like: "do not exceed solder temperature of 270 degrees for more than 3 seconds". The problem being that different solder has different melting points and solder just behaves differently at different temperatures. Some solder burns up at 350 and some will barely melt. Data sheets for components usually have a list of maximums and minimums.

  • The point remains, this is a shady and underhanded tactic and it's a big company sh!tting all over the little guy over $30,000! that's nothing compared to fluke's annual income. Broad sweeping, generalized patents are just a tool used to monopolize. Perhaps if Fluke issued a warning instead of pulling some sort of mafia style BS, then that would hold up. But this event is clearly immoral and unethical. Anyone who is looking for a cheaper DMM is probably doing so for a reason; so fluke isn't just screwing over sparkfun, they're screwing over any consumer looking for a cheaper alternative because that's all they can afford or perhaps that's all they really need. It makes more sense for me to buy a Honda than for me to buy a Mercedes; so I don't need Mercedes forcing Honda to jack up its' prices over a patent on all blue 4 door vehicles which Mercedes enforces like an SS officer.

  • Would anyone happen to know the bandwidth for this summabitch? I haven't been able to find it anywhere, including Vishay's website.

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