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  • I guess all I will see this Free Day is 'comp01:~#' :-(

  • "Sparkfun's new Moo-tivational program lures in its first victim..."

  • I'm not 100% sure about prepaid, but with my T-Mobile plan I have been able to walk in and say "I want a SIM card".
    I have used to for SMS (my Arduino spammed my boyfriends phone with "I love you."), but I'm not sure if I tested e-mail back then.
    SMS AT Commands are on Page 58 of the AT Command Set pdf.

  • Stelios: No, its not a 10-byte id because its not in a hex / encoded format.
    NUMBER: 1236542458
    HEX: 49B423FA
    ENCODED: 31323336353432343538
    brrrrstickem: No, a 10-bit number would be in the range from 0-1023.
    It is a 32-bit number. Its put in a numberical form because of easy of use: "1236542458" is easier to read/fit on a card than "01001001101101000010001111111010"

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