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  • Margarita machine.

  • Finally those ascii product images go to good use!

  • I just dont understand

    Exactly, you wouldn't understand. [ sips pbr and adjusts too-tight jeans ]

  • Oh yay, the Harford Hackerspace won! Miles will be really happy to hear about this. His fingers looked sore that night. Any chance we can see the other participant's photos? :)

  • Is this a speed-only competition, or does quality count too? It would be neat to break it up into two brackets even.

  • I picked up this book a few years ago and found it to be an enjoyable and informative read. It is unique in that it is completely hand written and drawn too (don't worry, it's legible).
    For those that have it already, don't the electrons in the book remind you of the zoloft drug avatar? :D

  • This person identified 10% of all stackoverflow email addresses in one hour via the emails md5sums:
    So... I wouldn't call that impossible.
    Just think of what you could do by taking advantage of a service like amazon's ec2.

  • Thanks for switching this to opt-in. :)

    1. Right click my avatar and select "copy image location". You should see this url:
    2. Now, go to and paste the md5 hash of that url (21898dc02360c6aef3015dec9296a801) into the second field and click "MD5 sum to reverse".
    3. You now have my email address associated with my sparkfun account. In my profile I have "Show Email" unchecked.
      This is a privacy issue. Not for me necessarily, sparkfun visitors are cool to me, but other commenters past and present may not expect to have their information exposed like this... or realize the data mining implications since their username, email address, and comment history can now be grabbed/linked! It also make anonymous comment accounts not so anonymous now unless users were smart enough to setup a whole new email account just to make a comment.
      I see mentioning of google analytics further down on this page but I don't find that to be the same as this. I can block google analytics while I browse.. I cannot block a website from posting my email's md5sum for everyone to see.
      Please disable this feature or make it opt-in only. This isn't the only way this system could be exploited.
  • This should have been an opt-in feature. :(

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