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  • I realized that the failure is probably caused by poor WiFi connection in my room. I put the Photon in the same room of my router, and it last 13+ hours without any problem. The battery level went to about 8% at this point. By the way, the longest duration I've tested, with a charger and good signal strength, that without rebooting or loosing connection, is 30 hours. The Photon seems to be not so robust as a stand along microcontroller.

  • I'm using a 2000 mAh lipo and it works fine from fully charged all the way down to 20 %. After that the Photo tends to lost connection and sometimes reboot itself.

  • The fuel gauge doesn't work well on my Photon. The getSOC() function sometimes returned 256.0, and then the Photon became extremely slow. It usually happens within 10 minutes, and then the loop rate decreases to about 1 Hz. Maybe I'm reading the value to often. What is the maximum sampling rate of this gauge?

    UPDATE: One thing I've changed is that I set the sampling rate to 0.2Hz but keep other stuff runs at 50Hz, and then the problem disappeared. I test my 2000 mAh lipo and it last 11.5 hours without any problem, and it still has 20% left. At this point I got 3.42V from Vin and 3.32V from 3V3.

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