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  • Tesla's rules! Words to live by (and die by ignoring). Though I'm having trouble finding any citation of them as Tesla's.

  • Odd question. One caveat that comes to mind is that, yes, it will work (as others say), provided there isn't some internal sealed cavity currently filled with air that could pop (probably isn't), but solar panels don't like to be especially hot, and in a vacuum there'd be no convective or conductive avenue for cooling. In sun, the panel will likely get quite hot, maybe to the point of seriously decreased efficiency, maybe to the point of failure.

    Did you ever try it? Do you have experimental results for us?!

  • It WILL NOT work with DC. Current transformers rely on AC to function, as DC doesn't create a time-varying magnetic field. You might try looking into Hall effect current sensors.

  • There's some confusion below and in the product images as to what the ACTUAL footprint of this part is. I've just ordered a few for a project (6/21/13) and here are my notes: 1) the datasheet linked above is correct, and the images correspond to the FOOTPRINT (view looking down THROUGH the part). 2) the FIRST image seems to be correct, and of the part shipped (JZC-11F 005-1Z). 3) In the Sparkfun eagle library at https://github.com/sparkfun/SparkFun-Eagle-Libraries, the part is RELAYPTH4, with the RELAY-JZC package (Notably NOT the "SPDT relay (COM-00100)", which is quite misleading.

    tl;dr: part-footprint-shipped matching is confusing, the part I received on 6/21/13 matches RELAYPTH4 in the library.

  • Another super minor goof - the current provided at the MPP is less than Isc, the same way the voltage is lower than Voc. Granted, it'll be much closer to Isc than V will be to Voc. The point being, the MPPT is located somewhere JUST south of Isc and a little bit more west of Voc.

  • Awesome project, for sure! Is anyone else seeing the BOSS PCB-inspired tribal tattoo, though? Am I reaching the conclusion that it's PCB inspired by my on bias?

  • For anyone wondering, since it took LOTS of digging into the datasheet to find this, this is a STEP DOWN module, and the dropout according to the datasheet is 1V. In other words, the output you set the module for must be at least 1V lower than the input you give it.

  • The meter doesn't have to be at 1000C. And for reasons beyond being made of plastic, can't actually be. It's the tip of the probe, which will survive 1000c, no problem.

  • He's saying that if the power is two-phase, use one of them. That will work. Although more likely, the power system is similar to the current US system where one wire is "live" (120v RMS), one is neutral (grounded at the entry point to the house), and one is earth ground. In which case the idea is irrelevant.

  • Take note, all, that you'll want to remove the red cover and expose the tube window to air. There's not a chance an alpha will get through all that, and even betas will get backscattered to an unnecessary degree. Luckily this isn't an energy-sensitive detector (it is basically a diode that has an avalanche breakdown whenever a particle or gamma photon comes through the window, but the current isn't proportional to the particle energy like a solid state detector is), but it'll still be a problem if you're backscattering 80% of the betas that would otherwise come in.

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