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  • As Member #126605 already mentioned, tying EN and PS via 10k Ohm to VBATT is not that good of an idea. A much higher resistor like 500kOhm should do it, or even better, tie the inputs via resistor to GND and add a jumper to pull it high when enabled.

    I observed a strange behaviour when starting up an Arm controller board (OLinuXino imx233): I had short voltage dropdowns to 4V or so, which led to continous restarts. Then I removed the C2 100nF cap at UVLO, which removed this behaviour. Maybe my findings help sombody and a next revision removes these flaws. I would expect a reduced responsiveness to battery voltage change with C2 installed, but the contrary seems to be true. TI datasheet (which is available in a more recent revision than here) doesn’t mention anywhere the need for filtering UVLO input.

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