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  • Agreed. Somehow got transistors and resistors mixed up? To me, it looks like there was very little (no?) peer review of this poster before releasing it. That is not so great, especially when people see Sparkfun as a trustworthy/authoritative source.

    But, we are all human. Oversights and mistakes happen. Definitely suggest fixing it up though!

  • Hello,

    I think the graphics are very nice, though I must say I'm not sure exactly sure what's going on in the PNP drawing. There's a rod going through the gear? What am I missing?

    On another note, I think it's dangerous (especially to beginners) to suggest that voltage is a "moving or flowing quantity".

    "Voltage from the COLLECTOR will not flow to the EMITTER unless there is sufficient current flowing from the BASE."

    "With a PNP transistor, voltage from the EMITTER will naturally flow to the collector unless there is sufficient current flowing from the BASE."

    It is true, from a physics perspective, that voltage takes some time to propagate down conductor, but for the most part, it's misleading in a general electronics perspective. Current (charge) is what flows.

    And then referring to current as a "pressure" quantity also seems a bit reversed. If anything, voltage is pressure. I think I understand that pressure, in this context, might refer to the balls pushing on the cog. But again, from an electronics perspective, not sure if this is helpful or just more confusing.

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