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  • I looked at the schematic. What's the two 3.3V zener diodes for? To make the D+ and D- operates at 3.3V? Thanks!

  • Woohoo! I just made this board using the reference design from the datasheet. My board is 1" x 1.3" and the pins are along the side, so that you can plug into the breadboard.

  • Is this LCD also the one used for the Nokia 6800 cell phone?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for posting. Please explain why you have 2K ohm connected to the V0 and VEE pins? This LCD has built-in DC converter to drive the LCD already?

  • Erik,
    Could you please give some tips on the below:
    1. how get samples from vendors from Shenzhen from the States? (I once contacted a vendor from www.globalsources.com, and the person wants $90 USD for 3 pcs of LED matrix. I told her that I am NOT that stupid!)
    2. First-timers to visit Shenzhen? What are the tips on staying there, how to negotiate with vendors, etc.?

  • Why there are TWO vcc pins for the SPI in/out jumpers?

  • Be VERY careful when dealing business with vendors from China. I get ripped of (small things) all the times, e.g., gold pins advertized but sent me as tin pins, etc.

  • Sad to see that this game uses the ATMEGA168, such a waste and costly thing for customers. I created my own with an ATTINY24 and plenty of features.

  • The description says: "Turn the pot and the resistance changes. Connect VCC to an outer pin, GND to the other"
    Which pin is the outer pin for the VCC and the GND? Is it pin 1 for VCC and pin 3 for GND?

  • As in all Sparkfun's tutorials, they are helpful but NOT details in instructions. The tutorials tend to say "Don't forget to have so and so turn on or selected." But does not show HOW to do it. For this tutorial, for example, "Be sure to select the drill type '2:4 Leading' to matchup the holes to the layers." HOW to do that? Is that from Eagle or the viewer program?

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