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  • I just got this working, programming with winAVR on winxp. I'm using sparkfun avr programmer to program the chip. Here's what I had to do: download & install winavr download and install the usbtinyisp driver from adafruit.com in the makefile:

    AVRDUDE_PROGRAMMER = stk500v2 # not sure if this is really necessary

    append '-F' (without quotes, of course) to AVRDUDE_WRITE_FLASH (this is due to avrdude not recognizing the atmega328)

    AVRDUDE_PORT = # yes, that's right, no port, COM, LPT, or otherwise. usbtinyisp uses a protocol all its own. why, I ask?

    With that, everything is just peachy -- the lil' led blinks as expected. Next is to get this going under linux...

  • This is a great tutorial! One question though -- I bought the power supply kit (KIT-08373) that has all the parts used in this tutorial, but there's a part left over, the resettable fuse (a 500ma PTC). Just for kicks, I put this in line with the diode, before the switch, and everything works fine. I haven't tried this yet, but I assume that if i just short from 5v to ground, that will trip the fuse, so that none of the other parts get blown. Is this a correct assumption? I suppose I could just try it and see what smokes, but I'll wait a bit to see if anyone responds ;)

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