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  • I purchased the 3.3v device from Versamodule. I have the unit connected to a Raspberry Pi using the 3.3v power supply and 3.3v Rx Tx pins. I wrote a Python script to control the device. I run an infinite loop until the capture command detects a finger on the scanner.

    I am consistently getting NACK_DEV_ERR errors when trying to capture fingerprints and I'm wondering if the problem is related to the 3.3v power? Perhaps it is just a defective device? Should I attempt to connect the power pin to the 5v output on the Rpi?

    Anyway I'm curious if anyone else has had problems running the 3.3v unit from Versamodule.

  • Raspberry Pi

    I got a very basic Python script working that turns the LED on/off with the fingerprint scanner hooked up to the GPIO port of the Raspberry Pi. I'm still working on the code but I think I should have something fully functional in a week or two and I will post the code and configuration schematic here. FYI - I purchased the 3.3V model from Versamodule ( since this allowed me to attach the scanner directly to the RPi without using a voltage splitter or resistors (which I don't really understand). Special thanks to J Hawley and Futureinventions for their code posted in this forum which to a large extent, I am reverse engineering into Python.

  • I know this has been asked before, but has anyone been able to get this device to work with a Raspberry Pi using the Python programming language? The RPi GPIO supports UART and there is a Serial library for Python so I assume it wouldn't be that difficult to get this working on the RPi using Python.

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