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  • OK, the good news is, they work :) (well, the one I've tried so far...) They are common anode as described. The bad news is: No decimal points. You get the clock "colon" separator, but no individual DPs. Shame, they'd have been useful. And no "apostrophe" dot either, copy & paste error there Mr Sparkfun...

    Pin-out is as follows (1-13): Digit 1, 2,3,4 then segments a, b, c, d, e, f, g. upper dot, lower dot.

    The dots "belong" to digits 2 (upper) and 3 (lower), i.e. +ve to pin 2, gnd to pin 12 = upper dot lit; +ve to pin 3, gnd to pin 13 = lower dot lit.

    Time to hook up a couple of shift registers & make these suckers do something :)

    EDIT: Threw together a quick circuit, works nicely :)

  • I thought this too & bought a pile of them... unfortunately the pins are at the top of the display & not the bottom; so you'd need to mount your PCB upside down (or have the display holes right on the edge & mount the PCB behind the unit) to get the digits the right way up.

    They're still a bargain though...

    Edit: Thinking about it... since the decimal points don't work, you could easily mount the displays "upside down", thus standing them on a PCB as you desire :)

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