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  • That makes sense why my stepper motor got hot enough to burn my fingers and melt plastic. I'm surprised the motor still works. I now set it to "max" and after 2 hours its only warm with no heatsinking. I bought heatsinks+fans for my motors before I found out about this, oh well, I will have them for another project. Thats why comments are great; although I think important information like this should be placed in the description.

  • The problem was actually the code. I used the code in the Portuguese Arduino Tutorial. It has a 100 microsecond delay for the step, this was too short of a timeframe for the motor to take a full step. I set it to 800 microseconds and it works fine. It probably would be fine set lower than 800; i'll see what the lowest I can set it to and that will be my lower limit for how fast I can make the motor turn at full step mode.

  • I can't get this driver to work in anything other than 1/8 step mode (default with nothing connected to MS1 and MS2). I connected two digital output pins on my Arduino to MS1 and MS2. I tried setting them both low for full steps, that didn't work; there was some beeping and no movement. The same happened with every other combination.
    Any tips?

  • Can I analyze analog and digital signals with the DSO Nano?
    I see logic analyzers that only do digital and I see oscilloscopes that only mention analog and others that specifically mention both analog and digital. Looking at the pdf I would think it can analyze both, but just double checking.

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