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  • This didn't work. I was able to get the SIM and get it registered, but I got a text saying "The plan for line 500 on your account includes unlimited 4G LTE data on-smartphone only . It also comes with up to 7GB of 4G LTE data for Smartphone Mobile HotSpot to share your phone's internet with other devices. T-Mobile's systems have detected that this line has again used methods that conceal Smartphone Mobile Hotspot usage and, as a result, significantly exceeded the 7GB limit on its plan. This activity violates our Terms and Conditions. To en force our Terms and Conditions and protect the network experience for all our customers, all lines on the account will be moved to our 1G B limited 4G LTE plan. Details at http://t-mo.co/1J4PUEh" So, I guess using a SIM800L with this card looks like I'm circumventing data usage protections. This is ironic, because I only need about 3-5 MB per month for my application. I just decided to switch to H2O wireless since they actually support what I want to do and it will cost $3.33 per month for up to 33 MB. ($10 for up to 100 MB for 90 days).

  • I haven't ordered one and tried it yet, but I talked to someone at T-Mobile and supposedly you can order this card http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/tablets-and-devices/t-mobile-prepaid-mobile-internet-3-in-1-sim-kit and activate it at this website https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-9851. I was told that you can use up to 200 MB per month free (without a data pass) on this SIM for $0 per month. The SIM card costs $15 up-front. I'll try it out when I get my SIM800L module and report my results.

  • I would like to attach these to a proto-board in a removable way, but I'm afraid they could come lose if I just use a male header. Does anyone know of a connection that would be more secure?

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