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  • I have not been able to do any multi-axis (two-axis to start with) coordinated movement with the SPI commands GOTO. The board runs at a minimum 15.25 steps/sec as Eide had mentioned. Even after calling setMinSpeed(0.0).

    I don’t fully understand the datasheet but I have also tried to set acceleration to maximum and see if the board perform in a more predictable manner at low speed. But unfortunately not. I did a series of test to verify the speed, for example GOTO command from 0 to 50. At speed 5 step/s, acceleration at 59590 (max value). The theoretical time it should take is 10 sec. However it took only 3.17 sec to finish.

    I end up having to abandon SPI commands and do stepping through the STCK pin. Which renders the acceleration feature unusable.