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  • Any updates on this? Code samples etc?

  • Hey guys, not sure why but your RSS feed has been showing up weird the last two weeks. Whatever you use to generate the feed is inserting a snippet of the actual description.

    <!-- Description -->
        <p class="description">
          This 2M pixel camera module is capable of capturing 1616 x 1232 pixel array video and images and connects directly to your pc…    </p>


  • So are you guys just writing to a file? (Sorry, just learning Node.js so digging through code is taking a while)

  • Why not use an existing library like Cube and build a simple wrapper around their engine to support your desire to push to a simpler API?

    That being said, this looks cool and I'll, likely, be taking a look at the code.

  • You? I have to still do all the cad work for the entry too :( And figure out how I'm getting what will likely end up being 40+lbs of robot to Colorado.

  • You might want to check out It is a 10mmx10mm T-slot product. Not open source but, from what I've read, pretty useful. I rarely have a use for T-slot but one of these days I'm hoping to find an excuse to order some.

  • So, let me get this straight, because Spark and Sparc are so similar they think they have a case? You know what else is has the same Damerau?Levenshtein distance? PARC. And you know, PARC was developed the concepts most of us use today, maybe they should be sending a C&D letter to Sparc. Point is, this is retarded.
    Saying that their customers would have any trouble telling the difference between SFE and Sparc is either an insult to their customer's intelligence or a useless attempt to gain publicity.
    The main issue is going to be that Sun has a lot of money, SFE has significantly less money that it can blow on a pointless law suit defending itself. To us the difference seems blatantly obvious but to someone who doesn't understand the difference between a motherboard and ram (as most computer users don't) they are essentially the same thing. I hope that SFE takes this seriously because if this goes to court there is a real possibility of a loss.
    The above does not constitute legal advice, I am not a lawyer. Fight 'em SparkFun!

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