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  • I met my current boyfriend because I really wanted to learn to program LEDs that I had sewed into a coat. I had just learned how to clumsily solder and sew, and he knew programming, so I aggressively scheduled hacking sessions so that we could skill share.

    After five evenings of excited conversation and peering over computer screens and blinking lights we made it work! And more than that - we fell in love! It was awesome. It IS awesome. Kinda corny I know, but forging a relationship over electronics hacking was pretty much a pinnacle of romance for both of us.

    But we’ve been wanting to create a number of sewable projects for us and our friends… we even created a google doc to keep track of all of our ideas. I know that this book would give my boyfriend (and myself!) a lot of the background and context we need to actually get those projects done. I’m excited about what you’re doing and I look forward to following you!

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