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  • or perhaps my country wouldn't accept broad sweeping patents covering the color yellow. perhaps i dont live in a country that believes litigation is an acceptable primary source of income. perhaps many patents in the USA don't exist in my country and are not enforceable here.

    Patents may be necessary but the system used is broken and inadequate

    regardless the united states is a liability i'm not willing to deal with anymore

  • great idea, lets inflate the price lower the quality and expect people to pay it.

  • quick sparkfun copywrite the rest of the color combinations you can make with the CMYK colors since you dont need to be specific in the shade just copywrite black border red face, red border black face, blue border black etc

    and bring a quick and decisive end to any multimeters in america other than you and fluke

  • I wish sparkfun wasn't american, all this patent crap is getting out of hand. There is another downside you may not have realized, people like me who count on the parts they get for design/development of products cant just go "oh well its going to take longer to get here now because the united states has shitty patent laws" will be much less likely to order from any american company. I'll be importing my requirements directly from china from now on and bypassing any american involvement.

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