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  • Wondering if I can use this as a host for a CC2500 client? I've tried a Chinese CC2500 (actually XL2500) as host but have trouble keeping steady communication. I'm trying to find a more reliable CC2500 compatible sender. I know the CC2511 chip can do CC2500 comm but i'm not sure if the Wixel has been programmed with it's own protocol so that it is not compatible with a generic CC2500.

    The CC2500 params: IF frequency of 253.9kHz FREQ = 2420 MHz CHANBW = 541.666 kHz DRATE = 249.94 kBaud MSK modulation, 30/32 sync word bits FEC disabled, 2 preamble bytes CHANSPC = 199.951 kHz CHANNEL = 1

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